Our metal business cards are arguably the most eye-catching of our wide range of cards. These cards are made of high quality metal and can be personalized with our many options; If you want a laser cut metal business card, you’re in luck.

If you like BOLD and MEMORABLE, these engraved modern business cards are the way to go. People will not remember any ordinary business card, but they will remember the experience. So if you only have one chance to make a first impression, do the best you can with a custom metal business card.


Custom Metal Business Cards

Sleek, sturdy and distinctive, our custom metallic cards are thicker than most and come with free custom design service, free artwork and free shipping. It’s easy to order, so get started now. Whether you need metal business cards, metal invitations, metal bottle openers or metal VIP passes, when you see how people react, you will regret switching to metal years ago.

When it comes to your business card, you’ve probably thought about doing anything to stand out. After all, a basic paper business card doesn’t make a lasting impression, does it? The industry has seen many trends and tricks that come and go. And some of them include 3D cards, digital business cards, etc. However, one theme that has stood the test of time is the sleek and elegant metallic business card. .

For example, while all companies work 24 hours a day to prevent this, accidents and typos do happen. With paper, it’s easier to start over and try again. For metals, this can lead to prohibitively higher cost, which can have a significant impact on the business. Fortunately, most companies have foolproof printing processes that help them avoid mistakes on the production side.

Perhaps most importantly, cheap metal business cards always lack the all-important “success factor” that any budding professional wants. If you want to change careers, communicate more effectively, or expand your brand, you need something that can showcase your identity. When you hand over a poorly designed or funky business card, it makes an instant statement about your values ​​and who you are.

Black Metal Business Cards

Producing a black metal business card is a challenge. Unlike our colored metallic business cards, the process of making a black metallic business card is more complicated. These business cards are made from special black steel from scratch. The 200 micron thick black metal business cards are available in a unique and exclusive black color.

Black metal business cards can be customized just like color cards. We can apply custom shapes, sizes and even color elements.