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    Set Your Business Apart With Printed Wood Business Cards

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    What are the perks of printed wooden cards?

    Printed wooden cards offer a crucial leg up over your competition. Everyone has standard paper business cards; everyone except you that is. Being the only one in your niche with printed wooden business cards instantly sets you apart and shines a positive light on your business. You are the one company that goes out of their way to demonstrate why you’re the superior brand.

    Our printed wooden cards are printed using CYMK inks and are very high resolution. We can even print white cards out for you!

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    Our Cards Exceed the Capabilities of our Competition

    Simply put, we have the most advanced and capable machinery in the business. Our printers and engravers are capable of producing incredibly high resolution wooden cards, which means there will be no loss in quality from your design to the end-product. Our competition is not capable of meeting these standards.

    Below are some of our printed wooden card capabilities

    • Full-Blown CYMK Printing
    • Full White Printed Wooden Cards
    • Extremely High Resolution Prints
    • Hundreds of Wood Veneers
    • Custom Shaped Cards

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    Endless Printed Wooden Card Customization

    As a business owner, you have never settled for being standard before, so why start now? We offer extraordinary customization options for our customers.

    • Tips and tricks to gain maximum results
    • Examples of cards from leaders in your industry
    • Little known money saving secrets
    • PLUS money saving specials
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    While our staff is largely trained wood artisans, we also produce and offer very high quality printed wood cards. These cards can be customized in a large number of ways as well. Choose the wood(s), shape, size, or cut outs you need, and we can provide them to you at a very low cost, free design & SETUP.

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    “Excellent work printing our wooden business cards – our competition is scrambling trying to find a way to top these!”

    David Michaels

    To order contact sales@Customwoodencards.com or call  (949)573-7226