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Wood Veneer Labels – A Classy Approach

  • Make your product stand out on a shelf!
  • Extremely customizable with thousands of options
  • Affordable, yes elegant branding packages
  • High quality – not flimsy and cheap feeling
  • Made 100% in the USA – Here in Minnesota!

Stop Blending In on Store Shelves!

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Products that stand out sell better: FACT!

MetalWoodCards.com produces beautiful wood product labeling solutions that help companies to push more product. Simply put, if you walk into a store to buy wine and you see hundreds of bottles of wine with plastic or paper labels, but only one or two bottles with an elegant looking veneer wood label, which stands out the most? The veneer wood labels! Products that stand out sell better, and consumers are becoming increasingly savvy in design. They not only want their products to be of high quality, but they want them to look nice as well! Help your product to stand out by getting started with our wood veneer labels today..

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Customization Options that Never Seem to End

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Products that stand out sell better: FACT! With traditional paper and plastic, there are only so many ways that you can really make your label YOURS. With our wood veneer labeling, the options to customize your label to be exactly the way you want it to be seem endless. You can choose the species of the wood veneer, with a selection of over 85 unique species! You can choose custom cuts, patterns, and shapes. You can choose to have the labels laser engraved, printed in black and white, or printed in full and vibrant CYMK color! As you can see, you’ll never feel too restricted with what we can do to make your label nothing shy of what you want it to be.

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Affordable Quality and Luxury

veneer labels
Products that stand out sell better: FACT!
The top brands in the world realize that their customers want to feel special. They want a feeling of luxury when they make a purchase that goes beyond meeting their simplest of needs. This is where luxurious feeling packaging such as wood veneer labels or wood veneer covered boxes can make all the difference in the world. Building that feeling of luxury can help create new customers while retaining your current ones. The best part is, as nice as all of this looks, it’s affordable and comparable to what you’re probably already paying for labeling.

veneer wood labels

The wood veneer labels that Metal Wood Cards made for my wine company are really making a quantifiable difference in our sales in certain regions. Our customers love them, and we do too! I would highly recommend giving Metal Wood Cards a shot with your product labeling. They worked wonders for us!?

Ryan Foltz

veneer wood labels

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