Black Stainless Steel Business Cards

Take a stand and send a message to your competitors, play time is over and it's time for the kids to go home. When you start handing out stainless steel metal business cards to your customers, your message will be clear, you're serious about the look and feel of your company, and you're confident in your ability to perform for your customers. Stainless steel is durable, customizable, eye-catching, and unique. Some of our customers have gotten really creative and decided to make their stainless steel business cards into usable tools, such as bottle openers, rulers, and nail holders. Needless to say, these unique black stainless steel business cards get some serious attention from customers, because they look different than anything else that they've ever seen before.

You can also look forward to these cards lasting through tough conditions. With an ample amount of force, the metal cards can bend, but as far as general wear and tear goes, stainless steel metal business cards are going to last longer than any other type of card. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 1-866-METAL-WOOD and talk to your own dedicated sales representative to discuss how stainless steel metal business cards could help your company.

Leave the Competition Behind

  • Matte or high gloss? The choice is yours.
  • Laser etched or printed? You decide.
  • Full CYMK High-Resoulution Printing? Absolutely.
  • Stainless Steel Metal Cards are very durablle.
  • Best of all, you can afford these metal cards!

The beauty of using stainless steel to produce metal business cards is that it is very workable and customizable. We can create cards in any shape or size to fit your needs. We can also provide many other customization options, including a matte or gloss finish, full-color CYMK printing or etching, different types of metal (brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel, platinum, and more), and endless texturing options! As if that isn't enough options, we can also combine aspects of our metal cards with our wood cards to create a metal and wood composite card! We won't have any problem creating a classy business card that reflects your company properly, just give us a call today at 1-866-METAL-WOOD and let's start creating your dream stainless steel metal business cards.

Capture More Sales

Did you know that there have been studies that have shown that 71% of American consumers consider the environmental impact of the products they buy? Our stainless steel metal business cards are 100% recyclable and are sourced responsibly. Your customers will appreciate your environmental responsibility with eco-friendly metal business cards.

You've Never Blended in Before, Why Start Now?

As a business owner, you've never blended in before. You've understood the importance of breaking the mold by becoming an entrepreneur. With that said, why start conforming to the norms with your business? Paper business cards are standard and don't raise any eyebrows. Stainless steel metal business cards are sure to catch the eyes of your customers.

Artwork Sans-Quality Loss

There are many business card printers out there that skimp on their printing technology, which makes no sense, right?

Fortunately for our customers, we have invested in very high-grade printing and laser etching machinery that ensures your artwork is printed at the same quality we receive it at digitally. You'll never have to worry about quality loss with Metal Wood Cards!

25 years excellence

For Over 25 years, Metal Wood Cards has been the premiere leader in card printing.

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