Why Wood Cards

wood business cards

Top 8 Reason For Using Wood Cards

wood business card cherry

1) Renewable

  • All of our wood comes from renewable resources.
  • Wood cards are just as reusable as their plastic counterpart.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • 100% PVC and DDT free.

Best wood cards

2) Environmentally Friendly

  • Harvested from sustainable forests.
  • The wood still holds the carbon it had extracted from the air as a living tree.
  • Once the wood degrades,it becomes a food source for another living creature.
  • Produced with no harsh or poisonous chemicals.
  • Printing is either engraved into the card, or applied with a soy based ink.
  • Far more sustainable than recycled plastic.

wooden made business cards

3) Functional

  • Wood cards are reliable and durable.
  • Thay can be used as gift cards, business cards, etc. whatever a plastic card can do, wood cards can do it better.
  • Gerat marketing tool to leave a lasting impression on a client.
  • No limit to their customization options. Whatever card need you have, we can create a correleting wooden card.
  • Using these cards shows your commitment to our plantet’s future.

wooden made luxury business cards

4) Memorable

  • Wood cards are unique.
  • You can creat a card that fully speaks of your product or business and feel good about it.
  • Serves as a great reminder that we all need to be more conscience about our impact on the environment.
  • They generateexcitement and interest in your product or service before your client has even seen them!
  • Your clients are sure to tell their friends and business partners about these handcrafted cards.

Simple metal wood cards

5) Sustainable

  • Wood cards are unique.
  • As trees mature their growth sloes considerably along with their ability to absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide. In a sustainable forest the old or mature trees are harvested for their timber which allows ounger trees to grow faster and absorb more carbon dioxide.
  • Sapings are continuously planted to maintain the growth/harbest cycle.
  • Clients are more apt to save these unique cards and even pass them on to someone else.
  • A percentage of our profits are donated to supporting sustainable forestry.
  • Wood cards are a long lasting testament to your company’s invest in our future.

Sleek wood cards

6) Multipurpose

  • Our veneers can be manufactured so thin they can be used for envelopes, custom labels, gift boxes, and more.
  • Can also be combined with other materials, such as metal, to creat a more exotic look to your wood product.
  • Personalized weeding invitations, placards, and reception invites in wood are a beautiful alternative to paper.
  • Wooden labels are printed with ecofriendly backings that can accept a wide range of heat or cold resistant adhesives and can be used just like a plastic label.
  • We can also craft wooden signs, gift tags, post cards, even wooden nickels that can be used for bars, casinos, and marketing purposes.

Ash wooden made business cards

7) Economical

  • Cards can be made for pennies on the dollar.
  • Their unique besign will keep these cards on file with your clients rather than thrown away with the rest.
  • You’ll more inclined to hand these cards out to clients who show active interest in your product or service,rather than someone who is passively interested.
  • Great way to emphasize how important marketing dollars are to your business.
  • What you use can be used again, even if it means upcycling it’s role to something else.

Bamboo wooden made business cards

8) Giving Back

  • When using wood rather than plastic, you are giving back to the environment what it give you.
  • You are creating and supporting the need for responsible, sustainable forestry practices.
  • Using wood products helps to reduce all of our carbon footprints.
  • Ecofriendly business donate millions of dollars every year to help fund research into sustainable and renewable practices and products.
  • You as an Eco minded consumer are investing in our planet’s future.