Wood Gift Cards

Wood Gift Cards

wood gift cards

Give Your Customers a Luxurious Experience with Wood Gift Card

  • Sell Beautiful Unique Wood Gift Cards at Your Store
  • Meet the High Demand of the Ever Growing Eco-Conscious Consumer Base
  • Stick Out in Your Customer’s Wallets
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Dominate the Competition with a Unique and Durable Wood Gift Card

wood gift cards

There’s no debate amongst top retailers; gift cards are an essential piece to increasing sales and henceforth improving the bottom line as a whole. They are inexpensive to produce, provide additional marketing, and offer your customers the ability to bring you more business. Gift cards are among the top sellers nationwide. Why blend in with all of the other companies that offer traditional plastic gift cards? Your company needs to stand out to increase that bottom line, as you know. Wood gift cards are the answer. Product differentiation is a staple principle of marketing. Stand out or be left behind. Call us today to learn how our wood gift cards can help your business grow and increase sales.

  • Custom Print or Laser Engrave Wood Gift Cards
  • Any Shape or Size Your Business Needs
  • Easily Integrated with Your Point of Sale System
  • Cards with Magnetic Strips – Can Be Reloaded
  • Environmentally Friendly Wood Gift Cards
wood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cards
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Wood Gift Cards Top Advantages!


Your wood gift cards will be like none other. Each wood veneer has its own look, because we use real wood, and everything in nature is unique. There are seemingly endless customization options, with over 500 wood veneers to choose from, a multitude of printing or laser engraving options, and endless custom shapes and cuts. Your wood gift cards will be YOU.


We use only the finest in materials available. This leads to our wood gift cards being beautiful consistently. In addition to using the finest materials, we hire only proven and experienced wood artisans. This means that your printing or laser engraving will be flawless on your wood gift cards.


Through agreements with distributors and local woodworkers, we are able to deliver a very large variety of wood veneers. Also, our machines are capable of cutting any shaped or sized cards imaginable with incredible precision. The variety we can offer for your wood gift cards ends with whatever you can think of, and not a second sooner. Start imagining your wood gift cards today.


The icing on the cake with wood gift cards is that they’re a sustainable product when ordered through us. We plant three trees with each order placed in order to give back more than we take from our beautiful planet. That’s important to us, but more importantly, that’s important to your customers. Give your business an eco-friendly image by selling wood gift cards in your stores!

5. Affordable

While our wood gift cards might look expensive and luxurious, they carry a surprisingly low price tag that can usually meet any budget. Don’t give up on the idea of having stunning wood gift cards before calling us for a free quote. These are cards that you can afford!

6. Durable

Our wood gift cards are incredibly durable. They are water resistant, flexible, and don’t fade. Our wood gift cards are ready to be used and abused, even by businesses that attract hard-working manual laborers for customers, such as contractors. Our cards will last, and that’s a promise.

7. Same Functionality

Wood gift cards are easily implemented into existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, which makes the transition to your new wood gift cards incredibly easy. Our wood gift cards come with built in magnetic strips to store balance data. These cards can even be reloaded. Reduce, REUSE, and recycle: a mantra of modern day environmentalists. Show how environmentally conscious your business is and you will capture new business.

wood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cards

Are You Ready to Save Money by Reusing Your Wood Gift Cards and Increase Sales by Standing Out?

Complete the form below and one of our wood working artisans will contact you via the method you specify.

  • Increase Sales: The Bottom Line
  • Save Yourself Money by Reusing Wood Gift Cards
  • Easily Implement Wood Gift Cards in Your POS System
  • Stand Out from YOUR Competitors
wood gift cards
wood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cards
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wood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cards

Wood gift cards can make your customers feel special. These cards are like no other, and they will stand out in your customers’ wallets. When your card is standing out, it will be the card that is seen every time your customer pulls out their wallet to pay for something. Your brand name will become embedded in the back of your customer’s head, and this will help you to gain more word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business. Wood gift cards help improve the recognition of your brand.

wood gift cardswood gift cardswood gift cardsMetal Wood Cards

“Our wood gift cards definitely helped us to ramp up our sales. Customers love them, and they’re buying our cards for their friends and family members for every occasion. Great job! ”
Harvey Schrager

To order contact frank@metalcardguy.com or call 1-(949) 573-7226